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2006/03/22 18:18
器材: Nikon 尼康 D2Hs最新拍賣藝廊作品D2Hs規格表
new micro-nikkor 105: VR works well for macro

I have seen skeptical posts on dpreview on the effectiveness of VR for macro shots, in complete contradiction with my own experience with the 80-400VR+Canon 500D close-up in the field.

A french guy had actually the opportunity to try the new AF-S 105 VR, and he posted his impressions on his site (in french) with some examples shot handheld at slow shutter speeds:


His initial impression is that VR helps a lot, even close to 1:1 magnification. He said that most images he took were simply impossible without VR.

Another really interesting point is that the AF was really fast with his D2Hs, fast enough in continuous AF-C to compensate for translational (subject to lens) motion !! Wow, if this holds true, I think Nikon has a real winner here :)


His initial impression is that VR helps a lot, even close to 1:1 magnification. He said that most images he took were simply impossible without VR.

推薦者: adammfc, cc5, chinphoto, 葉0503, daniel0211, Raywang123, 黑松, ko440301



241) 2006/05/14 08:28 
Top 5 primes:

Rank: Lens: Percentage:
1 85 f/1.4 Nikon 7,7%
2 105 f/2.8 Micro VR Nikon 6,6%
3 50 f/1.4 Nikon 4,3%
4 28 f/1.4 Nikon 2,3%
5 35 f/2.0 Nikon 2,3%

Top 5 zooms:

Rank: Lens: Percentage:
1 70 - 200 f/2.8 VR Nikon 13,2%
2 12 - 24 f/4 Nikon 7,4%
3 17 - 35 f/2.8 Nikon 6,6%
4 17 - 55 f/2.8 Nikon 6,6%
5 28 - 70 f/2.8 Nikon 6,3%

Top 10 lenses (over all):

Rank: Lens: Percentage:
1 70 - 200 f/2.8 VR Nikon 13,2%
2 85 f/1.4 Nikon 7,7%
3 12 - 24 f/4 Nikon 7,4%
4 17 - 35 f/2.8 Nikon 6,6%
5 17 - 55 f/2.8 Nikon 6,6%
6 105 f/2.8 Micro VR Nikon 6,6%
7 28 - 70 f/2.8 Nikon 6,3%
8 50 f/1.4 Nikon 4,3%
9 200 - 400 f/4 VR Nikon 4,0%
10 28 f/1.4 Nikon 2,3%
10 35 f/2.0 Nikon 2,3%

推薦者: foryu_pama



242) 2006/05/14 08:30 
Re: 105 VR: Bjorn's review

I haven't had any problems at any aperture. The 105mm VR is the best macro lens I have ever owned. The VR has allowed me to take razor sharp macro shots down to 1/10 second! I have not done any "scientific" tests, but my "real world" tests (actual photos) speak for themselves. I have an extensive collection of photos taken by this lens in a pbase gallery. Please visit the gallery at:





243) 2006/05/14 08:46 
Is 105VR color abberation serious?

I made a simple exercise for the AFS Micro 105mm VR. It was taken by D200 with 2 SB800's at 1/160s f/20.

Original file

100% cropped

100% cropped corrected by NC4.4 color abberation control

推薦者: foryu_pama



244) 2006/05/14 08:47 



245) 2006/05/15 04:34 
D2x + 105mm VR + R1C1-Macro Kit!


Just Minutes after receiving my new Macro-Kit a friend called me
because he has some very rare wild-animals not far from his house...

So I tried to shoot with the D2x, 105mm VR Nikkor and the quickly assembled R1C1 Macro-Kit - handheld:


100% crop from same picture:




246) 2006/05/15 04:39 
D2x + 105mm VR + R1C1-Macro Kit!

can you post some EXIF? At a first look I thought it was quite soft, then looking closer at the 100% crop I thought that the small halo around the white flowers might be sign of very tiny motion blur, actually, and that could explain the softness. Thanks for sharing it, best regards


you can read them all on pbase - actually they have been:

Date/Time 13-May-2006 11:33:30
Make Nikon
Flash Used Yes
Focal Length 105 mm
Exposure Time 1/60 sec
Aperture f/22
ISO Equivalent 125
Exposure Bias
White Balance (-1)
Metering Mode matrix (5)
JPEG Quality (6)
Exposure Program aperture priority (3)


before I forget:

a) I do have a 40x30cm print - it does not look blurry,

even if you may be right - 1/60s could be to short because of wind blowing...regardless the VR.

b) I've made an iso400 shot with f16 and 1/320s too - I don't see any difference or more detailed sharpness - at least not at 100% on my just 19' TFT - but I did not make a pixel by pixel competition.


I see motion blur on second image

I agree with the other poster. I see motion blur on the second image. Look at the white flower petals. There's some ghosting on the right sides of the petals, as if they moved during the exposure.

1/60 is really too slow for handheld work with a 105 mm. That shutterspeed is going to let in enough ambient light for motion blur if your subject moves at all. I'd suggest 1/125 as a minimum if there's any breeze at all.

VR will help with camera shake, but not with subject motion.

I tend to shoot macros at 1/500 with my D1X, but then I shoot a lot of flying insects.




247) 2006/05/15 04:43 
D2Hs + 105mm VR (pics)

Actually had some sunshine over the last few days, so a chance to play some more with my new 105mm VR. A mixture of handleld with VR, and tripod without VR, all with available light.






Handheld (crop)





248) 2006/05/15 13:10 
Hi Duncan!

Duncan C wrote:
> I agree with the other poster. I see motion blur on the second
> image. Look at the white flower petals. There's some ghosting on
> the right sides of the petals, as if they moved during the exposure.

As I posted already - of course there is motion blur - but not of camera shake but just by wind...and that's kind of natural I would say...

and - as said before too - NOT ONE person looking at the 40x30cm poster has said "oh...look - there is a bit of motion blur visible..."


maybe that's the difference - shooting really "wild" out there...somewhere in the pampas and not shooting flowers being indoors or under glas but really out there in the pampas...

besides that - my old Manfrotto tripod would have been useless - I can't make it that small, low that I could have make this shot with a plant that's not more then 15cm tall in all...

kind regards,

Michael S.




249) 2006/05/15 15:47 
Re: Here is the one with 1/320s!

I forgot to add...

here is the one @iso400 and 1/320s and f16:




250) 2006/05/15 17:23 




251) 2006/05/16 01:56 
Now that the 5D is packed up, I took a few casuals with the AF-S VR 105mm tonight




252) 2006/05/16 09:40 
I desagree with Bjorn's VR105 review

The fact is that I get top quality from f/2.8 to f/11. After f/11 the sharpness decreases.

So, this lens is able to deliver very nice bokeh and high sharpness in the same time. This is very important for my own approach for close-up photo.

Here is my own review :



這支鏡頭因剛上市擁有的人太少,大家都還在等待較多較公正的测試.像Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett這位大師所做的结論都還被質疑,我也很在意這支105mm VR鏡頭在大光圈f4的表現.Tamron 90mm macro表现最好是在f4-f5.6-f8,而Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett說105mm vr表現最好是從f5.6-f8-f11.這位仁兄就跳出來反駁說105mm vr從f2.8開始到f11都表現很好. 所以需再等待多一點的测試吧.

推薦者: job123456



253) 2006/05/16 09:57 
Re: I desagree with Bjorn's VR105 review
Posted by    Bjorn Rorslett  [CLICK FOR PROFILE]

Feel free to disagree as you please. There are no guidelines set in stone for lens reviews. I can only report what I observe and think is important for my ways of using this lens.

A little comment about top sharpness at f/2.8, however. You cannot have f/2.8 unless the lens is focused on infinty, in which case it obviously doesn't perform as well as at closer range. Most Micro-Nikkors are optimised for close-up work, hence their designation. At 1:1, the 105 VR is only f/4.2.


Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett大師就很有風範地回應說F2.8是出现在對焦點是無限遠的時侯,在1:1的近距攝影時,105mm vr這支鏡頭的光圈是在f4.2
推薦者: job123456



254) 2006/05/16 13:40 
A few more with the 105VR

These aren't too special, but I have not seen many postings on this lens and I do think it is truly special.

These were all shot in jpeg mode at F4 and were not post processed (including sharpening) in any way. In fact I uploaded these via Picasa to my Flickr account.


推薦者: job123456



255) 2006/05/16 18:21 
105 VR Sample Pics

I've never tried the 60mm as this is my 1st Macro lens ever.
Today I used it for the first time.. Hope they look ok.

推薦者: job123456



256) 2006/05/16 18:41 
Re: Question for Micro 105/2.8 VR owners

I have both. I would say they are both equally sharp (which is extremely). I have not tried to compare other aspects of image quality yet.

I can get sharp results at lower shutter speeds with the 60 -- the shorter focal length helps more than the VR does.

Other than that, the 105 is much more pleasant to use for macro -- the extra working distance is way more helpful than I expected it to be, and the auto-focus is light-years ahead.


I have both!

I used to love the 60, sure the working distance was bad for insects but it was a nice little lens. Ever since the 105, the 60 has taken a back seat in many ways. The 105 is sharper, has better color, does not have flare problems (depending on the scene) The ED elements, the IF, the AFS not to forget about VR! It feels great using the manual focus, the 60 you have to use a clutch and then the focus ring still sucks.

Bottom line is that the 105 outclasses the 60 in every way. The 60 will be used for document copy, this is the one area that the 105 is just too big to use on.



有人問及60mm macro和AFS-VR105mm macro的比較,第一位回答說60mm macro用較低的快門速度來拍攝也可以得到銳利的影像.第二位回答說AFS-VR105mm macro的銳利度及顏色表現較好,也没耀光問題.
推薦者: job123456



257) 2006/05/16 18:51 
Re: I have both!

I have both, too. The 105 VR is really sharp, but I think, that the 60 mm is a way sharper than the 105 VR.

It's really good, that the big closed-aperature performance of the 105 VR is much better, than the same performance of the "old" 105 mm, which was nearly unusable at aperatures >11.

But I don't think that the 105 mm VR is better than the 60 mm Micro!!!


這是第三位同時擁有60mm macro及AFS-VR105mm macro這二支鏡頭者,他認為60mm macro還是比較銳利,但AFS-VR105mm macro在f11以上的小光圈所拍攝出來的影像是有比舊款105mm macro好很多.
推薦者: job123456



258) 2006/05/16 23:02 
Sven Hedlund wrote:
> Thanks for all your comments and sample pics! I will of course
> watch this thread for still more replies, but I think you have
> already made me ordering this lens... :-)

I'm sure you will not be disappointed with this lens. I cannot compare this lens directly to the micro 60, but only to the 105 AF-D and to the Tamron 90 DI. In every way the new 105 VR is better: optically as good as the Tamron (that I find better than the old 105 AF-D) and the AF-S and VR really make a difference in the field when shooting handheld.

Here are some samples, all handheld in AF-C mode:

happy macro,


此君無法作出AFS-VR105mm macro和60mm macro的比較.但他認為只要機身設在AF-C mode,AFS-VR105mm macro的鏡頭用60分之一秒的快門就能拍攝到很銳利的影像,而用舊款的105mm macro或tamron 90mm macro就得將快門提高到125分之一秒以上才能拍攝到很銳利的影像.
推薦者: job123456



259) 2006/05/17 17:44 
Question for NC Bill
Posted by    Joe Mondello  

I've been reading everything I can about this lens (since it is OOS everywhere!) and most folks are saying and Nikon says that VR is ineffective at macro working distances.

You seem to have a different experience. Have you tried using this lens at macro distance with the VR off?

Looks like VR is working well for you.

But I'm curious!

Re: Question for NC Bill
Posted by    Matt F

See this thread...

The bottom line is that VR on gives sharper results than VR off, even at macro distances, and may even give you useable sharpness at pretty low speeds. But I have found that for absolute sharpness I have to keep it faster than 1/125th.

Re: Question for NC Bill
Posted by    Bill McClung  

I have not tried any macro shots with the VR turned off. With the results I have been getting with the VR activated, I haven't really seen any need to do so. I do use the "AF-C" focus (continuous focus) setting on my camera. Another reason I may be getting such good results is the camera itself. The D200 has a new mirror buffer system that eliminates almost all mirror bounce vibration.

Bill McClung


有人問Bill McClung是否有試過在近距離內將VR關掉來試拍,Matt F先回答在近距離內將VR開啟是比將VR關掉更能拍攝到較銳利的影像,由其是將快門速度降低的時候.但他認為最銳利的影像是當快門速度設在125分之一秒以上時才能拍攝得到.Bill McClung認為沒有這個必要將VR關掉,因D200有新式的設計可緩衝及減低反光板震動的影響.



260) 2006/05/17 20:50 
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